The Queens Pediatric Society of New York Chapter 2 of the American Academy of Pediatrics was established in 1947 to serve the children and pediatricians of Queens, New York. Since its inception, the Queens Pediatric Society has been a warm home that unites Queens' pediatricians into one big family. The members of this great family have always been friendly, motivated, and caring about each other, creating occasions to meet, socialize, relax and share valuable experiences, know-how, concerns and successes.

Scientific and Social Programs

The society's scientific program is put into action four times a year, on the second Tuesday of every October, December, February, and April, when top-notch pediatric specialists lecture about the most recent updates in their fields.

Residents Research Night, held in April gives Residents from 4 Queens Hospitals the opportunity to present their research. 

Our year culminates with a gala party to celebrate all progress.

Join us

In these times, when the practice of medicine is facing tremendous changes and challenges, family unity becomes indispensable rather than a luxury. We clearly need each other now more than ever. We need to meet, to discuss, to understand and to care about each other's concerns and problems. We need our unity to express the pediatrician's opinions, recommendations and concerns with a stronger and more reaching voice.  We're excited to have you join us as a member. Our members are what keep our society thriving as a valuable resource to our pediatricians, the patients they serve and their families.